[Python-modules-team] Bug#918751: Investigation results

Santiago Vila sanvila at unex.es
Sat Jan 12 23:17:27 GMT 2019

severity 918751 minor
retitle 918751 python-shade: Improvement of error message when failing to build on small machines (?)

Sorry, this was my fault.

Here is the reason why it failed for me:

This package (version 1.7.0) used to need 200 MB of RAM to build,
and I was using a small machine (1 GB of RAM) to build it. So far, so

The problem was that the current version (1.30.0) required around 1900 MB
of RAM to build (a lot more than before) while I was still using small
machines to build it.

(You might be wondering why I'm using machines with 1 GB to build
Debian packages: well, around 96.6% of all Debian packages in buster
require 1 GB of RAM or less to build, and machines with 2 GB of RAM
usually cost double the price per-hour).

So no FTBFS problem here. Special thanks to Stewart Ferguson for
actually looking at the build logs.

Now I wonder if the error message in cases like this could be improved
so that it's even more clear that lack of RAM was the problem.
Probably it does not worth the effort, but I leave this to you.

Thanks a lot.

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