[Python-modules-team] Bug#920337: python3-igraph: ships header in /usr/include/python3.7

Hugo Lefeuvre hle at debian.org
Mon Jan 28 20:55:45 GMT 2019


I had a look into this issue. It does _not_ look like a bug in the
python-igraph packaging to me.

Nicolas suggested to patch debian/patches/3.7/distutils-install-layout.diff
from python3-stdlib-extensions.

It does in fact look like the actual issue:

+    'unix_local': {
+        'purelib': '$base/local/lib/python$py_version_short/dist-packages',
+        'platlib': '$platbase/local/lib/python$py_version_short/dist-packages',
+        'headers': '$base/local/include/python$py_version_short/$dist_name',
+        'scripts': '$base/local/bin',
+        'data'   : '$base/local',
+        },
+    'deb_system': {
+        'purelib': '$base/lib/python3/dist-packages',
+        'platlib': '$platbase/lib/python3/dist-packages',
+        'headers': '$base/include/python$py_version_short/$dist_name',
+        'scripts': '$base/bin',
+        'data'   : '$base',
+        },

These headers entries seem wrong to me, $abiflags is missing.

should be respectively




Matthias: should we open a python3-stdlib-extensions bug ? Do you think
this issue can be fixed in time for Buster or should we upload a temporary
fix for python-igraph ?


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