[Python-modules-team] Bug#829487: elastalert: Needs to be updated for elasticsearch 7.x

Santiago Vila sanvila at unex.es
Thu May 9 09:05:28 BST 2019


In case it's useful, I've packaged elastalert version 0.2.0b2
(in upstream branch called "beta") and put the result here:


but it does not work properly unless python-elasticsearch is also
updated, which I have also done here:


It seems to work, but I will appreciate any kind of testing.

Note: It is a little bit strange that python-elasticsearch needs to be
the same version as elasticsearch itself. Since elasticsearch 7.0 is
now the stable version and it's not packaged in Debian yet, maybe we
should try to update python-elasticsearch in buster anyway before it's
too late. Any thoughts?

Does python-elasticsearch have any rdepends that could break because
of this, other than than elastalert?


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