[Python-modules-team] Bug#991917: python3-wikitrans: Wiki 2 html conversion errors

Sergey Poznyakoff gray at gnu.org.ua
Fri Aug 6 12:41:36 BST 2021

Hi Erich,

Thanks for your report.

> 1. This upstream patch should be included in the package:
> https://git.gnu.org.ua/wikitrans.git/commit/?id=c785e3ad767b12a13ae75a3513ec88a4d1144210

Sure.  It will be included when new version is released.

> 2. A wrong variable name is used here:
> File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/wikitrans/wikimarkup.py", line 662, in
> parse_ref
> list.append(self.parse_tag(tok))
> TypeError: descriptor 'append' for 'list' objects doesn't apply to a
> 'HtmlTagNode' object

That's definitely a copy-paste error.  I've pushed the following patch

> 3. WikiDelimNodes (generated by wikimarkup: ''Example'') cause raw
> JSON to be
> inserted in the HTML:

Can you give more detail, please?


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