[Python-modules-team] Bug#1026100: Some more details on 1026100

jadhav vishwanath jvishwanath66 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 07:28:25 GMT 2022

Hi Please find the details

*** Reporter, please consider answering these questions, where appropriate ***

   * What led up to the situation?
	services wasn't able to access web-UI with following errors:
	/var/log/apache2 have huge log files having errors like :
	-Fatal Python Error : Could not allocate TSS entry.
	-AH00052 : child pid 4677* exit signal Aborted

   * What exactly did you do (or not do) that was effective (or
	1. No speccial steps to trigger the issue. It eventually fills the apache logs
	   with the error messages.
	2. Once we restart the apache it goes away but it reoccurs after 2-3
hours later.
   * What was the outcome of this action?
	1. It resulted in service denial for Web-UI.
   * What outcome did you expect instead?
	1. Web UI should be accesible

Please check error logs:

Fatal Python error: Could not allocate TSS entry

Fatal Python error: Could not allocate TSS entry

[Wed Oct 19 14:52:21.075114 2022] [core:notice] [pid 7554] AH00052:
child pid 42179 exit signal Aborted (6)
[Wed Oct 19 14:52:21.075157 2022] [core:notice] [pid 7554] AH00052:
child pid 42180 exit signal Aborted (6)

Best Regards

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