[R-pkg-team] Bug#915321: Mutex creation failed

Adrian Bunk bunk at debian.org
Mon Dec 3 19:51:28 GMT 2018

Control: retitle -1 r-cran-later FTBFS on armel/mips/mipsel
Control: affects -1 =
Control: notforwarded -1
Control: tags -1 patch

On Mon, Dec 03, 2018 at 12:21:41AM +0100, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> While the pointer to the bug is correct, I am not sure we need to
> reassign the bug there. Nothing has to be changed in r-cran-later, it
> just has to be binNMued against glibc 2.28. OTOH, we need to add a Break
> on the glibc side.

Oh, I wasn't aware of that a binNMU would be sufficient here.

But that won't solve the problem due to the FTBFS on armel/mips/mipsel,
a source upload is anyway required with somethng like the attached patch.



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