[R-pkg-team] Bug#921938: lme4 breaks r-cran-lmertest autopkgtest

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Tue Feb 12 23:10:59 GMT 2019


It so happens that I know the R stack pretty well, and I happen to know how
CRAN operates. Getting a new upstream package from CRAN almost always means
that nothing is broken, or that (a rare case) a change affects a downstream
package -- as all this is tested well at CRAN. I am pretty close to that
ecosystem, and there is mutual trust between them and me.

Hence an autopkgtest failing was likely an indication of _our_ downstream
dependencies of this package failing.

And so it was, and that I demonstrated.

By now both these packages have been updated
and there is still no bug in my package r-cran-lme4. We "merely" have to wait
for testing to receive the newer packages. And then r-cran-lme4 will migrate.
Until there is nothing for me to day, just as there was nothing for me to
five days ago.  It really was an issue in r-cran-{lmertest,mlmrev}.

Hope this helps.


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