[R-pkg-team] Will you supply Herbal nuts?

Mathew Nnamdi equinoxrnedical1 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 09:17:01 GMT 2019


Hello my name is Arthur Nelson. I am working with a pharmaceutical
company here in Cairo Egypt. Our company is into production of general
Animal drugs for sub Sahara African tigers and horses.

It may interests you to know that the best raw materials used in
producing the drugs and injections were farmed in Philippines by their
local farmers.

This herbal rare nuts ( Opei herbal rare nuts) is sold in big packs at
the cost of $950 by the Philippine local farmers but our former agent
who is no more in business with our company use to sell same pack of
the nuts as much as $2450 to our company. This secrete of the former
agent were made known to me yesterday during my telephone conversation
with the local farmer as my director mandated me to source for a
farmer in Philippine who will be supplying the nuts to our company.

Since the cost of the nuts were revealed to me by the farmer, I
decided not to leak the secrete to my director because I am moved by
the tremendous gain our former agent were making in every transaction
hence I became interested to source for individual in Philippine whom
I will work with (as a farmer) to be supplying the nuts to our company
at the same cost we are buying form the former agent.

I have contact information of the farmer already. However my
conversation with the farmer wasn't clear because she mix english with
local language. If you accept to work with me, I am going to release
her information so that you will call her to confirm what I have just
said as well as the availability of the nuts. I will back you up on
how you will handle the transaction perfectly and will equally send
the picture of the nuts to you.

Please NOTE: if we handle the first supply very well, it is going to
be a continuous business with our company. For now the company is
requesting for 2000 packs. Any gain we make from the supplier, we will
share 40% for me and 60% for you after you have deducted any expenses
during the process of inquiry. I am urgently waiting for your
confirmation of interest


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