[Reproducible-builds] debugedit and reproducible builds

Stéphane Glondu glondu at debian.org
Tue Feb 18 18:44:33 UTC 2014

Le 13/02/2014 17:32, Jérémy Bobbio a écrit :
> My feeling is that a correct fix for the problem would be to have
> debugedit rewrite the whole indirect strings section in stable order.
> But after looking at debugedit's source code, I feel that I'm not
> competent enough to write that kind of code in C. Or at least it would
> take me ages to get it right.

I am not very comfortable with fiddling with ELF files like that. Isn't
it possible to directly tell gcc (or whatever is responsible) to
directly write the right path in the first place?



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