[Reproducible-builds] debugedit and reproducible builds

Stéphane Glondu glondu at debian.org
Thu Feb 20 10:07:53 UTC 2014

Le 20/02/2014 09:19, Jérémy Bobbio a écrit :
>> (Alternative-2) Another alternative to debugedit could be to use proot,
>> with a binding that puts the source tree at its canonical location, then
>> builds the package in the faked /usr/src. […]
> To me, this falls in the same kind of tricks than libfaketime. I'd
> rather not go that road.

Even as a first step? There are still many remaining failures even with
faked /usr/src. Those should be sorted out anyway, so why not start with
that first?

Currently, I am rebuilding all the unidentified issues in [1] with the
proot trick and there are actually many packages that build identically.

[1] https://wiki.debian.org/ReproducibleBuilds/Rebuild20140126

The original list of unidentified issues was big in my opinion, so I
want to reduce it as automatically as possible.

I realized that we could just directly build packages twice directly in
/usr/src and compare them instead of using proot... I will do that in my
next iteration of the rebuilding script. Again: here, my goal is to
reduce the number of packages to look at as a first step to reproducibility.

Also: to me, proot is closer to fakeroot that libfaketime. It replaces
constants things with other constant things. AFAIU, libfaketime is more
invasive as it replaces a non-deterministically-varying thing with a
constant thing.



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