[Reproducible-builds] “Reproducible builds” sprint in PDX? (was: DebCamp14 before DebConf14?)

Jérémy Bobbio lunar at debian.org
Mon May 26 13:10:44 UTC 2014

Jeroen Dekkers:
> Lunar:
> > I think spending a couple of days working on reproducible builds before
> > DebConf14 would be awesome. Would anyone else be interested in
> > participating in a sprint?
> I didn't reply earlier because I didn't know whether I would be at
> debconf, but I decided to go. I am interested in joining a sprint on
> reproducible builds. I haven't seen any other replies yet, but maybe
> that is because not everybody who might be interested in such a sprint
> is on this list?
> I would like to book a plane ticket soon, I just saw a few cheap
> tickets which will probably not be available for long. If we are going
> to have such a sprint, will it be before or after debconf and how many
> days? I think I'm just going to book the plane ticket for the period
> including the sprint, because the difference in price will likely be
> more than the price of a cheap hostel for a few nights.

It would be before DebConf. I think we could already do an important
amount of work in 4 days. I think that it's worth organizing if there's
4 or 5 of us. My personal deadline for this is next week.

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