[Reproducible-builds] Introducing dpkg-genbuildinfo

Jérémy Bobbio lunar at debian.org
Thu Jan 1 06:55:55 UTC 2015


I have just pushed a new version of dpkg to our experimental toolchain
archive which includes support for .buildinfo files.

I've managed to hack [1] dpkg-genbuildinfo. It will be called by
dpkg-buildpackage to generate a .buildinfo file. It really feels
like the right place to do it.

My Perl is not good. So I'd love to see reviews before submitting it to
dpkg proper. See the Git repository:

While updating debhelper to remove calls to our previous .buildinfo
generator, I have made another change that might be fruitful:
dh_fixmtimes is no more. Its core has been integrated to dh_builddeb.
See #759886 for more details on the reasons.

These changes together should make many many more packages build
reproducibly right now. That is without further modification of their
sources. I believe this should become visible in the graph in a little
while: https://reproducible.debian.net/userContent/index_stats.html

 [1] “Hack” is really the proper term here. I've literally chopped
     and spliced other bits of code from here and there.

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