[Reproducible-builds] python-requirements-detector: FTBFS in reproducible builds CI

Daniel Stender debian at danielstender.com
Wed Jul 1 01:14:28 UTC 2015

On 30.06.2015 17:37, Mattia Rizzolo wrote:
>> for the new python-requirements-detector I've got a UnicodeDecodeError in the tests against
>> Python 3.4 [1] from reproducible builds CI [2]. That usually points to the locale set to some
>> non-UTF-8 (like "C"), but which isn't the case here?
> Yes, the first build is not done in a unicode (like en_US.utf-8).
> Actually the locale is not set at all.
> In fact I can get the very same error in my pbuilder on my notebook. I saw
> somewhere (I don't really recall where/when) that something without any locale
> setted picked up something near the standard C locale in situation like that.
> The second build (which your package didn't even reached) is run with
> LC_ALL=fr_CH.UTF-8 instead.

I've found the environment settings on the CI page, LANG but not LC_ALL is set for the
first build to some UTF-8. Could you help me where I've got that wrong: LANG provides the main locale
while LC_ALL if set overrides all individual LC_ settings. LC_ALL needs to be set?


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