[Reproducible-builds] GSoC 2015 Week 7: Move forward reproducible builds

Dhole dhole at openmailbox.org
Mon Jul 13 16:14:42 UTC 2015


This week I have continued working on the reproducible timestamp
approach through the exported variable SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH.

I submitted a bug for debhelper with last week's patch (I had already
commited a fix exporting SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH in our local git repo, and
uploaded the package in our local repo):

I submitted bug to Debian for libxslt to honour SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH:
I also commited the fix to our git repo and puloaded the package  our
repo to perform tests:


After the upload, test were performed on the packages affected by issues:
  1- timestamps_generated_by_docbook_to_man (here some packages where
miss tagged)
    - there where 79 unreproducible packages and 39 became reproducible
  2- timestamps_in_manpages_generated_by_docbook_xsl
    - there where 89 unreproducible packages and 33 became reproducible.

NOTE: there are still packages generating docs with libslt not
reproducible. This is because the patch for dh to export
SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH only works for calls to doc generation under dh. Some
packages have the calls to generate docs directly in debian/rules so
SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is not set there. A solution needs to be found for that.

I updated some info in the wiki/ExperimentalToolchain regarding packages
using the SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH proposal.

I tagged some packages affected by

I started working on the issue lc_messages_randomness:
I'll continue working on that next week.

Best regards,

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