[Reproducible-builds] ARM build machines

Vagrant Cascadian vagrant at debian.org
Mon Jul 27 16:03:31 UTC 2015

Thanks for all your work on reproducible builds!

I've been lurking for a while, and a while ago noticed one the packages
I maintain (u-boot) was marked as reproducible. I knew that was only
true on amd64, which only builds one of the u-boot packages, and the
other packages at the very least included date strings in the binaries.

So I set about trying to patch u-boot and test reproducibility myself,
only to discover that the reproducible toolchain didn't include arm

So I could build all this infrastructure locally, but figured better to
offer something to the reproducible builds effort at large. So I'd like
to make a few armhf build machines available to the project...

I've currently got two up and running, but it sounds like there's more
work to do on the backend to integrate with jenkins and other

The current specs:

Banana PI, dual-core, 1GB ram, ~20GB mSATA.
ssh port: 2222
ssh fingerprints:
2048 8f:0a:d0:77:a8:59:c0:bb:d0:76:de:14:13:5b:a6:56 (RSA)
256 af:b4:13:04:21:30:46:b3:e8:79:ff:7d:99:20:86:f0 (ECDSA)

HummingBoard i2ex, dual-core, 1GB ram, ~20GB mSATA.
ssh port: 2224
ssh fingerprints:
- 2048 04:af:b4:e8:f0:13:13:66:25:7b:e3:d6:ee:b3:0d:0a (RSA)
- 256 2f:1b:3a:fb:55:cf:27:3f:f6:de:e4:3d:e1:4c:59:c8 (ECDSA)

I hope to get a wandboard quad-core with 2gb of ram and a 60GB SSD set
up in a few days, and possibly a cubox-i4pro with similar specs too.

Let me know if you need access to these machines to configure them.

live well,
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