[Reproducible-builds] Bug#798813: kgb-client: sometimes parses connection errors as JSON...

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Sun Sep 13 08:09:30 UTC 2015

package: kgb-client
version: 1.33-2
x-debbugs-cc: reproducible-builds at lists.alioth.debian.org


we have a python script, which calls kgb-client and which sometimes results in 
this error message:

malformed JSON string, neither array, object, number, string or atom, at 
character offset 0 (before "Can't connect to col...") at 
/usr/share/perl5/JSON/RPC/Legacy/Client.pm line 180.

< ntyni> that error message is almost certainly from kgb-client
< ntyni> well, it's getting "can't connect" from a lower level library and 
parsing that as JSON

Filing this as a bug now, so that this can be debugged further.

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