[Reproducible-builds] Build environment changes between build1 and build2

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Thu Oct 8 14:57:48 UTC 2015


btw, the build results today are also still broken:

context: https://reproducible.debian.net/unstable/amd64/sagasu
[16:23] <      h01ger> | something looks very fishy here
[16:24] <      h01ger> | but i dont get what
[16:25] <      h01ger> | the diffoscope diff of the unreproducible builds 
.buildinfo files look fine, and so does the .buildinfo file itself
[16:25] <      h01ger> |  debhelper (= 9.20151005.0~reproducible2),
[16:25] <      h01ger> |  dpkg (=,
[16:25] <      h01ger> |  dpkg-dev (=,
[16:26] <      h01ger> | there are also still reproducible builds happening, 
eg https://reproducible.debian.net/rb-pkg/unstable/amd64/doc-linux-hr.html 
from 10min ago

I will probably not time to debug this today.

Help welcome.

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