[Reproducible-builds] Recent issues with faketime in debian/rules during reproducible-builds builds

Santiago Vila sanvila at debian.org
Mon Oct 19 10:10:27 UTC 2015

Hello Axel.

I can only give partial answers and minor comments, Holger and Mattia
probably have an authoritative answer.

> Are not all chroots used by the reproducible-builds project setup
> the same way?

Assuming that by "setup the same way" we are not talking about all the
things that change between build1 and build2, yes, the chroots should
probably be setup "the same way" (or at least in a way that do not
break packages gratuitously).

> Should the reproducible-builds not take care that especially
> faketime works in all their chroots?

We should take care that *everything* works! :-) I don't think that
faketime is a lot special about this. Most of the time a simple
"touch" and options like tar's --owner and --group are enough to
achieve reproducibility. Personally, I have not seen faketime to be
used a lot, but this is just a personal feeling.

Also, we have such amount of things to fix and diffoscope logs to look
at that for many things we rely on people telling us what's wrong, as
in this case (btw: please consider joining us :-).

> Does the project use pbuilder on Wheezy occassionally but not
> always?

Holger and Mattia (root @ jenkins) can check this.


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