[Reproducible-builds] Recent issues with faketime in debian/rules during reproducible-builds builds

Axel Beckert abe at debian.org
Mon Oct 19 10:38:31 UTC 2015


Santiago Vila wrote:
> I can only give partial answers and minor comments, Holger and Mattia
> probably have an authoritative answer.
> > Are not all chroots used by the reproducible-builds project setup
> > the same way?
> Assuming that by "setup the same way" we are not talking about all the
> things that change between build1 and build2,

Yes, of course. :-)

> yes, the chroots should probably be setup "the same way" (or at
> least in a way that do not break packages gratuitously).


> Also, we have such amount of things to fix and diffoscope logs to look
> at that for many things we rely on people telling us what's wrong, as
> in this case (btw: please consider joining us :-).

I've now joined the IRC channel and subscribed to the mailing list
(i.e. no more need to Cc me, but I won't mind if it will happen :-) as
it seems low traffic most of the time.

> > Does the project use pbuilder on Wheezy occassionally but not
> > always?
> Holger and Mattia (root @ jenkins) can check this.

Mattia just answered that one on IRC: "all machines runs jessie and
all chroots are set up the very same way (changes between build1 and
build2 are done at run-time, the underlying chroot is the same)"

He also scheduled a new build of mp4h and it no more FTBFS'ed:

So this was a non-deterministic issue as it seems.

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