[Reproducible-builds] Reproducibility of apt-listbugs

Francesco Poli invernomuto at paranoici.org
Wed Nov 11 22:20:06 UTC 2015

On Wed, 11 Nov 2015 23:16:39 +0100 Reiner Herrmann wrote:

> Hi Francesco,

Hi Reiner,
thanks for your kind reply!

> On Wed, Nov 11, 2015 at 07:23:45PM +0100, Francesco Poli wrote:
> > Is this something that should be fixed in rdtool [3]? If this is the
> > case, could you please file a bug report against rdtool?
> Yes, you are right. This is something that should be fixed in rdtool,
> probably by adding support there for SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH [2].

OK, good, you were already aware of the issue.

Please do not hesitate to file a bug report against apt-listbugs, in
case there's anything I can change in apt-listbugs itself in order to


> [1]: https://reproducible.debian.net/issues/unstable/timestamps_in_documentation_generated_by_rdtool_issue.html
> [2]: https://reproducible-builds.org/specs/source-date-epoch/

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