[Reproducible-builds] Ideas about TimestampsFromCPPMacros issue.

Juan Picca jumapico at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 18:10:29 UTC 2016

Hi guys, long time no see

I want to ask about the status of TimestampsFromCPPMacros

>From the issue page
i see that the usage of SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH was
discouraged in the gcc-patches mailing list thread.

If no advancement was done with this issue, i want to ask advice
about how handle it.

One of the recommendation in the thread on gcc-patches mailing list
from Manuel
was add a "-freproducible" flag.

Some ideas:

1. Add a "-freproducible" flag. This flag enables the
  processing of SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH environment variable
  (Dhole patch) but fail if it is not defined. The fail and the
explicit flag usage
 is to avoid the silent change in behavior.

2. Add a "-freproducible" flag that disable the
  warning "builtin-macro-redefined" only for __DATE__,
  __TIME__ and __TIMESTAMP__ and fail if these macros are
  used but not defined, enforcing the need of define the macro to
obtain a reproducible build.
  The cons of this idea is the need of define
  the macros via command line with "-D__TIME__=..."


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