[Reproducible-builds] openSUSE Conference

Christian Boltz reproducible-builds at cboltz.de
Fri Feb 26 00:59:32 UTC 2016


(I'm not subscribed here - please CC me in your replies.)

Is someone interested to give a talk about Reproducible Builds at the 
openSUSE Conference (June 22-26 in Nürnberg, Germany)?

We had some interest in this topic on the opensuse-packaging mailinglist 
recently [1], so having a talk about Reproducible Builds would hopefully 
help to get openSUSE towards being reproducible.

If you want to give this (or another) talk or workshop at the openSUSE 
conference, please submit it at https://events.opensuse.org/

Also feel free to come as visitor - maybe the hallway track can be 
used for cross-distro collaboration ;-)

I can also tell you that "Have a lot of fun..." is not only in our  
/etc/motd, but also what we do every day and especially at the 
conference ;-)

BTW: If you submit your talk until Leap Day (Feb 29), you'll get a free 
"Leap 42" T-Shirt ;-)
(our marketing team is celebrating Leap Day after we named our latest 
release "openSUSE Leap 42.1" ;-)

The CfP is open until April 15 - but the T-Shirt offer ends on Feb 29.

BTW: are there any news about the interesting[tm] texlive issue we 
debugged at DebConf where the generated PDF differed when using the 
original ownCload PNGs, and was reproducible (well, except the random 
PDF ID) after running optipng on them?


Christian Boltz

PS: If money is an issue for you, the openSUSE Travel Support program
    is probably able to help. Feel free to ask me about details ;-)

[1] http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-packaging/2016-02/msg00092.html
> How deep can subprojects be nested?
I think we have no limit of deepness, at least no one reached it until
now ;)   [> Paul Elliott and Adrian Schröter in opensuse-buildservice]

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