[Reproducible-builds] Best approach to strip timestamp in postscript files

Alexis Bienvenüe pado at passoire.fr
Fri Apr 1 21:20:16 UTC 2016

Hi Reiner.

Thanks for your advice and encouragement.

Le 01/04/2016 22:58, Reiner Herrmann a écrit :
> And you also patch configure.in _and_ configure.
> Couldn't you use dh-autoreconf to regenerate configure automatically?

I considered that the patch has to answer the reproducibility issue
only, and that maybe the maintainer had some reason to stay without
dh-autoreconf at present, but I can also switch to dh-autoreconf.

> The imagemagick/transfig patches look good to me, though you could
> make it a bit more robust by checking if strtoull was actually
> successfully parsing an integer.

What should be the behavior in case some characters are not parsed?
Maybe dying without converting the image is too abrupt, so the partial
parsing made by strtoull appeared sensible to me.

> I would suggest to submit the patches to the BTS [1].

OK, I will do that after including you suggestions.

Alexis Bienvenüe.

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