[Reproducible-builds] Why is pyrit not reproducible on i386?

Axel Beckert abe at debian.org
Sun Jul 3 13:45:48 UTC 2016


Christian Kastner wrote:
> ​ ABS·​build/​temp.​linux-​x86_64-​2.​7/​cpyrit/​_cpyrit_cpu_sse2.​o
> vs
> ABS·​build/​temp.​linux-​i686-​2.​7/​cpyrit/​_cpyrit_cpu_sse2.​o
> Looking at the build log, this was generated by a simple invocation of
> "python setup.py build".
> The only explanation I can think of is an i386 environment running on an
> amd64 host,

Either that or maybe also an i386 installation running with an -amd64
kernel: https://packages.debian.org/linux-image-amd64

> but I'm not familiar enough with the Python interpreter to determine
> why it's using linux-x86_64 in the build path in that case.

Me neither, sorry.

		Regards, Axel
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