[Reproducible-builds] Reproducible patches for libisoburn and libisofs

Thomas Schmitt scdbackup at gmx.net
Mon Aug 15 13:38:17 UTC 2016


HW42 wrote:
> It obviously depends on the context in which xorriso is used but in
> general you need to fixate the version of your build depends anyway

Yes, i can guarantee reproducibility only within the same version.
GNU xorriso is well suited for being stored away as binary at some place
and still doing its work.
With the Debian xorriso package it will be more complicated because
its brain is in three dynamic libraries.

Nevertheless i deem it worthwhile to strive for some version elasticity
and a final check, whether the reproducibility goal was actually achieved.

The use case i currently imagine is some ISO production suite which wants
to test whether everything is still ok after software changes. If the
test project still yields the expected ISO bit pattern, then it's ok.
In this context, the possible opportunity to upgrade xorriso would
be convenient ... until some day you get an alarm from your test.

Chris ? What is actually your motivation to build the same ISO twice
rather than making backups of the first result ?

Have a nice day :)


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