[Reproducible-builds] Reproducible patches for libisoburn and libisofs

Thomas Schmitt scdbackup at gmx.net
Fri Aug 19 12:14:13 UTC 2016


i am pondering when to release xorriso-1.4.6 et.al.
1.4.5 passed my rebuild-ISO regression tests by reporting no differences
of file content or boot equipment as far as xorriso can replay the latter.

Normally i would wait a few weeks whether my daily backups or some
courageous user find any other problems.
But my backups hardly touch the code parts which underwent the dangerous
changes. Courageous bootability users are sparse.

So, if i release 1.4.6 now and get it into Debian Sid a few days later,
do you already have test cases where the new code would be challenged ?

- Verify that SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH works as promised and expected.
  (Promised is to set the defaults of three xorriso settings.
   Expected is that these defaults suffice for reliable reproducibility.)

- Verify that bootable Debian ISOs made with xorriso-1.4.6 still work
  as good or bad as those currently made with 1.3.6 (or maybe 1.4.4).

Have a nice day :)


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