opi2a back! init system variations?

Vagrant Cascadian vagrant at debian.org
Thu Oct 6 03:42:17 UTC 2016

opi2a is back! Not sure how to rearrange build jobs off the top of my
head, but we've got several cores just sittle idle again. :)

For some reason, systemd wasn't starting consistantly, hanging on
systemd-logind. Oddly, it worked well enough to still run build jobs,
but restarting daemons and upgrading some packages would hang.

With some effort, I switched to sysvinit from a debug shell, finished
some pending upgrades, of which were several systemd related. After the
upgrade, it's been working consistantly using systemd ever since...  So
I don't *really* know why it's working now... but it is. Best guess is
it crashed in the middle of a upgrade (maybe disk full?) at some point
and corrupted some relevent file(s)?

The whole ordeal did trigger a thought about adding init system
variations to the builds... at least could do systemd and sysvinit at
the moment without a *huge* amount of trouble, unless we're relying on
some init-specific features for the builders?

live well,
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