Jenkins reproducible_html_notes slowness

Daniel Shahaf danielsh at
Tue Oct 18 22:40:41 UTC 2016

[ I asked this on IRC but haven't got a reply, so trying again... ]

I understand there's an issue of jenkins slowness.

What I know of that issue is that it's suspected to be caused by
b1b64d98e5971437abb3fe793f6fb58eab1ef4fd [to] and
that its symptom is
I assume the issue is unique to that one jenkins job.

Is there any further concrete data available, please?  All successful
builds linked on that page are "slow" builds (25min+), do we have a full
console log of a "fast" build for comparison?  Or a log of build
duration as a function of time, that goes far enough into the past to
have some "fast" builds in it?  (So I can check whether the build
durations correlate with when b1b64d98 was deployed.)

Basically, anything you can tell me about the "fast" builds beyond "They
existed" would help :-)



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