broken DDPO by not-so-broken reproducible-tracker.json

Chris Lamb lamby at
Wed Oct 19 08:51:24 UTC 2016

Hi Mattia,

Thanks for starting this thread.

> 2. revert to unstable, but filter out packages tagged
>    captures_build_path and friends (DDPO/tracker will just show no data
>    about those packages)

I read a really good book once that made a very convincing argument that
dashboards and metrics become subtly undermined once you introduce
exceptions or you make them even slightly opaque.

That, combined with my preference for simplicity, would actually make me
advocate for no filtering whatsoever (!), especially as the various build
path related issues are in flux and wouldn't want to add any overhead to
categorisation of those.

> 4. figure out why the hell DDPO doesn't deal with that edit in the json,
>    see the code⁵ in Debian's QA Team SVN repo, and leave the json to
>    display testing data as it is now

If we go with this one, DDPO should show that this is about testing,
preferably not in an mouse hover tooltip too. I'm certain I'm not the
only one who would immediately assume stuff in those field is about


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