[Reproducible-builds] Minimising work needed for this build-path issue

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at fifthhorseman.net
Mon Oct 24 22:34:02 UTC 2016

On Mon 2016-10-24 16:18:00 -0400, Ximin Luo wrote:
> Almost, with two minor corrections:
> I picked SOURCE_ROOT_DIR; SOURCE_ROOT has 6395 pages of results in
> sources.debian.net and I didn't want to check that none of these are
> environment variables.

fair enough.

> SOURCE_ROOT_PREFIX would only be prepended if SOURCE_ROOT_DIR is set
> and was stripped. It's not prepended to all paths; and setting it by
> itself without SOURCE_ROOT_DIR wouldn't do anything (since nothing
> gets stripped in that case).

What if SOURCE_ROOT_DIR is not an actual prefix of the current file.
like if SOURCE_ROOT_DIR=/no/such/path and the package is built in
/home/user/src/foo ?

> I would also say "absolute path" instead of "source-related path"
> since the latter could be misinterpreted to exclude intermediate build
> files.

I used the term "source-related" to try to refer to the build tree.  I
wouldn't want to give the impression that *any* absolute path that makes
it into the output artifacts will be stripped or prefixed.  For example,
/usr/bin/gpg embeds absolute paths like /usr/share/gnupg and /dev/tty,
but these are not "source-related".

We need to find a clear, concise way to explain the proposal that won't
confuse people.

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