[PATCH] submit signed .buildinfo files to buildinfo.debian.net

HW42 hw42 at ipsumj.de
Fri Oct 28 18:40:00 UTC 2016

Chris Lamb:
> HW42 wrote:
>>> +Subkey-Type: ELG-E
>>> +Subkey-Length: 1024
>> Huh?
> Suggestions welcome. I cribbed it from the internet.
> Just to re-iterate — and I hope this comes across the right way! — but
> the current state of buildinfo.debian.net is really just a hack, a demo,
> a muse, etc. so haggling over things such as the subkey length of the
> signatures seems a little premature or at least focussing on the wrong
> areas, productivity-wise.

Sorry, I should have wrote a complete question. In this case it's anyway
not security relevant since tests.reproducible-builds.org is only QA and
not intended as a verifier (AFAIU). I was just curious why such a
uncommon setting.

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