Trial git-based task list

Ximin Luo infinity0 at
Fri Oct 28 21:19:00 UTC 2016

Holger Levsen:
> [..]
> matrix:~/Projects/reproducible/tasks$ ./task add "test"
> ln: unrecognized option '--git-path
> hooks/post-merge'
> Try 'ln --help' for more information.
> what now? (this is on jessie)

I fixed this, it was because git-in-jessie doesn't support --git-path. The fix was easy so I did it here. However I don't think you should expect in general that we much *too much* effort into making our brand new shiny stuff work immediately on jessie...

>> More docs are available in README
> also: where are the tasks stored and how can I view them?

Updated in README. I also added a lot of extra hooks to make merging work a bit more smoothly. Now much fewer concurrent operations should result in conflicts.


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