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Wed Nov 2 12:04:43 UTC 2016

Hi mike,

welcome to the bootstrapping problem!

Quoting james michael dupont (2016-11-02 12:12:57)
> Here is a question, if you were to compile an entire Debian system from
> scratch with no root access, and first get all the developer packages
> compiled and then use those newly built tools to build the entire system
> from scratch, what would be the order of the build? Do we have any
> dependency tree for the entire system and can we use that graph to
> prioritize the packages for reproducible builds.
> I have an account on the gcc compiler farm
> (, there are various machines
> there, the one gcc10 is Debian squeeze, the LIBC is old. I will need to
> recompile everything to setup a prefixed installation in my home
> directory but could then build and test packages. There are many other
> machines available with different OS versions and architectures. If we
> had a way to bootstrap the builds in user land then we could use those
> resources better. Even a fedora machine could be used to bootstrap/cross
> compile the Debian system and check the builds.

unfortunately, it is not so clear to me what you want to achieve. It seems your
main problem is one of bootstrapping Debian from zero, but then this is the
wrong mailing list. Instead, you might want to write to
debian-cross at with a better description of your problem.

You seem to mix several different issues here and you only mention reproducible
builds on the side. If you really want to get your hands dirty and make Debian
bootstrappable from zero, you are more than welcome to join the effort! Besides
the mailing list we can also be reached via #debian-bootstrap on

The folks on this list are probably more interested in the "reproducible
builds" aspect of your work. :)


cheers, josch
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