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Ximin Luo infinity0 at
Mon Nov 14 17:13:00 UTC 2016

Ximin Luo:
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> Now then, why does the FTP archive need to distribute buildinfo files at all?
> It can simply store the signed files and distribute the hashes. Then rebuilders
> (people that want to verify our reproducibility claims) can download the hashes
> from the archive, get the corresponding buildinfo files from another server,
> and perform the build. The files could even be unsigned, this does not matter
> for rebuilding purposes.
> This is a slightly awkward workflow however and it would be simpler / more
> reliable to only have to contact one host. Furthermore, most rebuilders would
> probably only try to build for one architecture, hence it is again a nicer
> workflow to only download the required buildinfos for your own architecture.
> We also ran some numbers and a Buildinfos-amd64.xz (with unsigned buildinfo
> files) turned out to be about 9MB which I think is reasonable to expect people
> to download periodically, whereas a Buildinfos.xz across all arches would
> probably be more like 50MB or more (we don't have the machines to properly
> calculate this) and is less convenient both for rebuilders and for the archive
> mirror network.
> With signatures, the number is much much greater and not really suitable for
> continual distribution, which is why these have to be unsigned.

Thanks HW42 for prompting a second look at this.

A GPG signature with a 4096-bit key is about 800 bytes in base 64: (has 2 signatures, if you use `gpg --list-packets`)

so it would be about 600 bytes compressed. Across 24000 source packages, this would be 

600 * 24000 ~= 13.7MB

per architecture (including for arch:all). This doesn't seem too bad actually.

In total, this would be (9+13)*2 (one arch:all, one arch:$native) ~= 50MB download, which considering the advantage of not having to contact a 3rd party, I think is just about worth it, even if you only want to rebuild a few packages.


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