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Chris Lamb lamby at
Mon Nov 14 20:08:03 UTC 2016

HW42 wrote:

> diffs are indented to reflect the nested structure of the files

Indeed, this is something inherent, at least from an abstract point of
view, in the output format.

Despite that, we could have a separate text output that "flattens" the
nested structure from an indentation point of view into a series of
regular-looking diffs but uses additional headings to capture — albeit
suboptimally — the current nesting. This format could also avoid Unicode
if that's helpful.

I would actually find this format helpful for easy copy-pasting when
writing bug reports; I've been manually removing various indentation
levels and I wouldn't have to do that from a flattened version.

Sebastian, any thoughts?

(Regarding the iframes, this is something I've never really liked and has
always been on the TODO to remove to some degree. Valerie may be able to
speak to the schedule of removing them?)


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