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Sebastian Humenda shumenda at
Tue Nov 15 11:16:15 UTC 2016


Chris Lamb schrieb am 14.11.2016, 20:08 +0000:
>HW42 wrote:
>> diffs are indented to reflect the nested structure of the files
>Indeed, this is something inherent, at least from an abstract point of
>view, in the output format.
>Despite that, we could have a separate text output that "flattens" the
>nested structure from an indentation point of view into a series of
>regular-looking diffs but uses additional headings to capture — albeit
>suboptimally — the current nesting. This format could also avoid Unicode
>if that's helpful.
Avoiding _these_ Unicode characters would be helpful, yes. Headings would be
very good, because then I could navigate by section, basically. I'm only seeing
_exactly_ one line at once (like on a calculator). If you would i.e. insert
#'s to indicate a new file, e.g.

### data.tar.gz

(as a third indentation level), it could be beneficial. In this case, I could
jump with a regex from diff to diff. I don't mind the indentation, it's fine,
but if that's a good compromise for a copy-paste-format, then it's helpful, too

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