Help with SCALE 15x submission *today*

Vagrant Cascadian vagrant at
Tue Nov 15 19:47:43 UTC 2016

Hi, Just heard about the SCALE CfP this weekend, and it's due *today*,
so am working on re-doing the talk I did at SeaGL, but could use help on
the long description. I've put up a pad for this with links to my SeaGL

If anyone could help extending the summary into a longer description,
it'd be appreciated! Making sure to put in enough extra detail, but not
too much... if you've got some time today, ping me on irc and we can
start editing...


The short summary I have so far:

Introduction to Reproducible builds

The Reproducible Builds project creates infrastructure and fixes
upstream code so that binaries can be independently verified as the
result of compiling source code. Without verifying the connection
between source code and binary software, toolchains become a tempting
target to inject exploits.

This talk will demonstrate why reproducibility matters, common issues
and fixes, and tools used to identify and troubleshoot issues, moving
towards reproducibility as a set of best practices when developing and
improving software.

live well,
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