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Johannes Schauer josch at
Thu Nov 17 07:24:27 UTC 2016


Quoting HW42 (2016-11-17 05:10:00)
> After discussing this in the irc meeting yesterday I propose that:
>  - we keep it as a separate tool.
>  - put it in a git repo under
>  - We have more than enough DDs who are willing to sponsor uploads, so
>    having it in the Debian archive is no problem.
>  - we mainly maintain this as a group. I will try to especially keep an
>    eye on it.
> Since you have done all the work so far the final decision is obviously
> up to you.
> If the above is fine with you I will prepare packaging it during the next
> week (I also have a few improvements planed).

please go ahead.

I'll make sure that sbuild adds a facility to receive a full binNMU changelog
entry from the user.


cheers, josch
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