ppc64el VMs for continous (reproducible builds) testing

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Sat Nov 19 11:41:08 UTC 2016


I was told that DSA has ppc64el hardware which is not really saturated
and that you might be able to give us 2 or 4 VMs for contiously testing
reproduible builds of Debian main experimental/unstable/testing on

While such a setup would be interesting to discover more oddities
concerning reproducible builds on another architecture (so far we're
"only" testing amd64+i386+armhf, soon also arm64), I actually believe
the main benefit would be continuous rebuilds of the whole archive on
this lesser tested architecture. We usually know that packages are
buildable on amd64 (because we do archive wide rebuilds on that
architecture), but we don't have this confidence for other archs.

Those VMs won't need to be part of the .debian.org domain, .debian.net
is just fine. I (and at least Mattia Rizzolo too) would need root
access (to configure pbuilder+schroots) and we would also want to run
half of these VMs in the future (398 days in advance…)

If you are able to give such VMs to us, great. If not, also fine.

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