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I'm sorry but I don't understand your email below. What are you trying to accomplish? What particular project are you working on, and what's your background motivation?

By the way, this mailing list is not about "软件重构" as I understand it [1]. It is about 可重复的软件組建 (我的中文很不好).



> ---原始邮件---
> 发件人: "自己"<763413589 at>
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> 收件人: "软件重构"<qa-jenkins-dev at>;
> 主题: Verification of known issues related to reproducible builds
> It is difficult to validate some issues, as bellow:
> 1)timestamps generated by mangosdk spiprocessor
> It is difficult to get the class org.mangosdk.spi.processor.SpiProcessor.
> 2)random order in java jar manifest mf
> I got two java .jar files written by Eclipse and command jar respectively. But the MANIFEST.MF of both java .jar files were identical.
> 3)timestamps added by xbean spring
> In fact, i do not know how to validate this issue.
> 4)random order in plexus comonents xml
> I tried so many times to install Plexus plugin into Eclipse, but never success.
> Is there any body help me? Thanks very much.
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