accessibility of the reproducible builds page

Holger Levsen holger at
Sat Dec 10 19:52:13 UTC 2016

Hi Sebastian,

thanks for reaching out to us about the accessibility and layout issues
in our webpages! 

Actually the best way to criticize is simply to send patches fixing
stuff. We love those! ;-)

Regarding the iframes, I agree those are annoying to use, at least sometimes.
We choose them because they allow us to use diffoscope's html output
without modification (so we have the navigation menu on the left).
Another challenge is: that menu on the left is rather "dynamic", it
changes when the same package is tested in another arch/suite.

I'd be very glad to get rid off iframes. I've not seen a proposal which
works and doesnt requiere fully dynamic pages. Currently the pages use
static html…

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