Bug#852013: Patch to prevent segfaults on signal

Brett Smith debbug at brettcsmith.org
Sat Jan 28 21:35:47 UTC 2017

On 01/28/2017 03:03 PM, Mattia Rizzolo wrote:
> That said, that's not enough for this bug which is about deleting
> temporary files.  As you can see in my first paste there are no
> segfaults happening, and the tempdir is not cleaned.  I just tested
> current git HEAD containing your change, and it still does not properly
> clean when sigTERMing diffoscope.

I'm not complaining, just checking: my patch got reverted about twenty
minutes after it got committed to master.  Are you sure you were testing
in that time before it got reverted?

Earlier I was able to reproduce what was in your original report: same
basic flow of debug messages, same issue of tempfiles not going away.
The only difference I saw was that it segfaulted.  I thought maybe that
wasn't included in the original report just because your shell didn't
report it, or something like that.  And it seemed to explain why the
cleanup code wasn't running: the whole Python process was dying before
it could get to the `finally` block that does the cleanup.  On my host,
fixing this segfault and fixing the cleanup code went hand in hand,
because now diffoscope could reliably get to the cleanup code.

If you're still seeing the issue with my patch applied, it would be
helpful to get new debug output, to see if it's getting any farther or
dying somewhere different.  It would also help to know what the final
exit code is.  Thanks.

Brett Smith

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