policy: packages should be reproducible

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Sun May 7 15:35:00 UTC 2017


unsurprisingly I'm also in favor of making this policy change, now.

I also believe there is quite a consensus (definitly a rough one…) in Debian
for making this change, judging by the feedback we got at 3 DebConfs since 2013,
several mini Debconfs and other events, plus the general feedback in the form
of code merges and uploads.

At the Reproducible Builds Hackathon in Hamburg we were reminded of the former
DPL asking DDs to be "more bold" doing sensible changes forward, and as such
we plan that starting with the development phase of "buster" we'll consider
bugs about reproducible builds issues to be of severity "normal", not "wishlist".

This shall be announced on d-d-a soon & given there is no disagrement on this
procedure on this bug.

Last and least for now: the wording of
IMO is almost good as it is, though I'll try to amend it to include the
definition of reproducible builds from reproducible-builds.org. 

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