New armhf/arm64 nodes (Jetson-tx1, Jetson-tk1)

Vagrant Cascadian vagrant at
Thu Jul 13 23:33:56 UTC 2017

Two new machines ready for incorporation into the armhf build network.

Thanks to Nvidia, Debian and Freegeek for the donations that
made this expansion phase possible!
Jetson-TK1, nvidia tegra-k1 (cortex-a15) quad-core, 2GB ram
ssh port: 2252
ssh fingerprints:
256 MD5:67:0f:2e:8c:c7:4e:00:cd:70:67:5b:0e:b9:cd:6a:03 root at jtk1b (ECDSA)
256 SHA256:kbhhukXo+8XvSE6UXX84aoz8Ho1UkHjl8cD1TZEQWPk root at jtk1b (ECDSA)
256 SHA256:4KN325sMN5Xqs7xrZsMtsa4/fNJ/QLp0bGAGJ7a+gPI root at jtk1b (ED25519)
256 MD5:1f:26:49:7d:64:f5:21:ff:61:0f:96:74:10:20:09:88 root at jtk1b (ED25519)
2048 MD5:eb:f9:e2:18:d3:fe:5d:2f:eb:dd:56:5d:f3:ba:8c:d1 root at jtk1b (RSA)
2048 SHA256:j+qyOQOqKUhTsmmPxPqBAyvIKnlSfLgzj8h0hi7jVo8 root at jtk1b (RSA)
Jetson-tx1, quad-core (big.LITTLE Cortex-A53/A57), ~3.5GB ram,
  native sata ~500GB disk
ssh port: 2253
ssh fingerprints:
256 MD5:72:92:55:e9:81:b4:be:fa:f8:94:3a:f6:80:1c:e2:0e root at jtx1b (ECDSA)
256 SHA256:1Z99Rvm4USICiWUWy75tIVbV02eIMyNRW7gkZS5BE3Y root at jtx1b (ECDSA)
256 MD5:85:90:14:70:6b:d3:5c:ab:9a:b2:23:c0:c2:fc:6d:95 root at jtx1b (ED25519) 
256 SHA256:4sKcNcBtgHaVCP/BDN3Ke60JD7SuVglEvdRI2IKLg3o root at jtx1b (ED25519)
2048 MD5:64:e5:d0:dd:fc:24:10:54:b4:54:4c:55:ae:86:08:cf root at jtx1b (RSA)
2048 SHA256:uih3N0O1BOaRNdayWyTTb7iXFTV24vj7zG6Eunmu1Ak root at jtx1b (RSA)

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