Bug#868534: diffoscope: autopkgtest failure

Mattia Rizzolo mattia at debian.org
Sun Jul 16 13:21:20 UTC 2017

Source: diffoscope
Version: 84
Severity: important

Starting with version 84 a new test started to fail in autopkgtest, the
one running the tests without recommends installed


It seems to be caused by commit 037c92388ef75d5ace2d26dd85bcf7693ccf7cf6

    comparators/directory: raise warning for getfacl and remove a
    redundant try-clause

The important bit of the failure is

E         - --- Logging error ---
E         - Traceback (most recent call last):
E         -   File "/build/diffoscope-84/diffoscope/comparators/directory.py", line 124, in compare_meta
E         -     differences.append(Difference.from_command(Getfacl, path1, path2))
E         -   File "/build/diffoscope-84/diffoscope/difference.py", line 222, in from_command
E         -     feeder1, command1 = command_and_feeder(path1)
E         -   File "/build/diffoscope-84/diffoscope/difference.py", line 217, in command_and_feeder
E         -     if command_excluded(command.shell_cmdline()):
E         -   File "/build/diffoscope-84/diffoscope/comparators/utils/command.py", line 64, in shell_cmdline
E         -     return ' '.join(map(lambda x: '{}' if x == self.path else shlex.quote(x), self.cmdline()))
E         -   File "/build/diffoscope-84/diffoscope/tools.py", line 71, in tool_check
E         -     raise RequiredToolNotFound(command)
E         - diffoscope.exc.RequiredToolNotFound: getfacl
E         - 
E         - During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred:
E         - 
E         - Traceback (most recent call last):
E         -   File "/usr/lib/python3.5/logging/__init__.py", line 988, in emit
E         -     stream.write(msg)
E         - ValueError: I/O operation on closed file.

so my feeling is that it has to do with something like
https://github.com/pytest-dev/pytest/issues/14 (but there are countless
other examples on the net)

needless to say, we need to workaround this somehow.

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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