More info about nondeterminism_added_by_pyqt5_pyrcc5

Federico Brega charon.66 at
Tue Aug 15 19:18:10 UTC 2017

> Probably best to file that directly with the offending package and set
> the various "usertags" so we can track it:
I reported the bug to pyqt5-dev-tools [1], as it is generating the
issue, even if it
builds reproducibly. I modified the template because it didn't fit well with the
description of the issue. I hope I haven't made (m)any mistakes.

> Indeed, would you be interested in updating our notes on this issue
> directly? If so, please join our group on Alioth, and then clone our:
> .. repository. The `packages.yml` and `issues.yml` files should be pretty
> self-explanatory.
I cloned the repository but I haven't quite got what I should describe there.
I attached my patch for the description, but I think that it is better explained
in the email starting this thread.


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