3rd Reproducible Builds summit

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Tue Oct 10 10:19:00 UTC 2017


I hope that this mail is no news for all of you, and that all of you working
on reproducible builds have got an invitation via email to your personal email
address. If not: apologies and please contact me if you want to attend!




   Berlin, Germany
   Coordinates: Prinzessinnenstrasse 19-20, 10969, Kreuzberg, Berlin

   Nearest train station: Moritzplatz (U8), then Kottbusser Tor (U1)


   October 31 2017
   November 1+2 2017

These dates are inclusive, ie. the summit will be 3 full days from "9 to 5".
Best arrive on Monday October 30th and leave on the evening of Thursday, 3rd
at the earliest.

Meeting content

The exact content of the meeting is going to be shaped by the
participants, but here are the main goals:

 - Update & exchange about the status of reproducible builds in various
 - Establish spaces for more strategic and long-term thinking than is possible
   in virtual channels.
 - Improve collaboration both between and inside projects.
 - Expand the scope and reach of reproducible builds to more projects.
 - Brainstorming / Designing several things, eg:
  - designing tools enabling end-users to get the most benefits from
    reproducible builds.
  - design of back-ends needed for that.
 - Work together and hack on solutions.

There will be a huge variety of topics to be discussed. To give a few
- continuing design and development work on .buildinfo infrastructure
- build-path issues everywhere
- future directions for diffoscope, reprotest & strip-nondeterminism
- reproducing signed artifacts such as RPMs
- discussing formats and tools we can share
- sharing proposals for standards and documentation helpful to spreading the
  reproducible effort
- and many many more.

Please think about what you want discuss, brainstorm & learn about at this


Preliminary schedule for the three days:

9:00 Welcome and breakfast
9:30 Meeting starts
12:30 Lunch
17:00 End of the official schedule

Gunner and Beatrice from Aspiration will help running the meeting. We will
collect your input in subsequent emails to make the best of everyone's time.
Feel free to start thinking about what you want to achieve there. We will also
adjust topics as the meeting goes.

Please note that we are very likely to spend large parts of the meeting away
from laptops and closer to post-it notes. So make sure you've answered any
critical emails *before* Tuesday morning! :)


We are happy to have these sponsors confirmed, so we know this event will happen
(and with some reimbursements too): 
- Debian
- Ford Foundation

We are currently still finalising some additional sponsors and will update the
event website ASAP.

Thanks a lot for making this event possible & thus helping spread the ideas and
practices of Reproducible Builds further!


In an effort to expand the diversity of the community, we are offering
additional travel support to first-time attendees from groups traditionally
underrepresented in free software. These funds are open to:

* Women (cis and trans), trans men, and genderqueer people.
* Individuals from Latin America, Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia.
* Other: We welcome additional rationale for underrepresentation. Please
  include a short justification in our email.

Looking much forward to seeing you there! And please do reply if you have any
other questions or suggestions…!

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