Question about strip-nondeterminism in bsh

Chris Lamb lamby at
Thu Oct 12 02:02:49 UTC 2017

Hi jathan,

> I will check the GitHub code instead of Debian Sources. 

The GitHub repositories are read-only mirrors. If you are checking out
the code as a member of the Reproducible Builds team, then it makes more
sense to get it from Alioth, for example:

  $ git clone

> > What, exactly, makes you say that tar archives are normalised by strip-
> > nondeterminism? 
> I was thinking tar archives are normalised by strip-nondeterminism
> based on the next contents:

You've linked to *something* here, but I don't follow your chain of
reasoning that leads to you believe tar archives are normalised. Can
you help?


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