Question about strip-nondeterminism in bsh

Chris Lamb lamby at
Mon Oct 16 19:41:37 UTC 2017


> include /usr/share/dpkg/
> export SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH = $(call
> dpkg_late_eval,SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH,dpkg-parsechangelog -STimestamp)
> or
> export SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH = $(shell dpkg-parsechangelog -STimestamp)

I fear you are confused here — if you include include
/usr/share/dpkg/, SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH will be exported for
you. Indeed, that's the entire point of using this include :)

> How can I see the /usr/share/dpkg/ you have used for
> pkg-python-daiquiri to make a comparison of contents

Hm? I don't understand why you would need to see mine? It's
almost certainly the same…


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