3rd Reproducible Builds summit

Mykola Nikishov mn at mn.com.ua
Wed Oct 25 05:57:39 UTC 2017

Holger Levsen <holger at layer-acht.org> writes:


> No, you're wrong. But registrations is a simple as sending a mail to 
> rws3-registration at reproducible-builds.org and stating you want to come,
> possibly explaining the reasons for that, usually by stating what you 
> are working on…

Sorry for a delay, I'm in a semi-offline mode, hope it's not a

Right now I'm at another conference in Germany and for me as a non-EU
citizen it is much easier (and cheaper) to just extend my stay here.

I'm not actively working on anything RB-specific but I'm curious too ;-)
That is the main reason why I'd like to attend the workshop. As a
long-time user of free software and a software developer, I think we
already have enough ways to create a new software, but loosing an
ability to make something runnable out of the sources available.

I represent myself only and not any company/group/entity someone may
associate me with.

> So: please register! :)

Am I done? ;-)


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